Cathy's Caribbean Club

Cathy's Caribbean Club 1.0

Enjoy the Caribbean and turn a small business in a success in Cathy's Caribbean Club
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Serve customers in the most exotic place in the world!
Cathy is spending her holidays in a Cruise in the Caribbean. By a twist of fate she loses her Cruise and ends up working in a club in one of the Caribbean's most exclusive beaches. Little by little will own her own business and meet all the Hollywood celebrities that she admires!
Hundreds of different customers will come to your club, asking for smoothies. Serve them all and your business will thrive. Eventually, your growing fame will bring VIP celebrities. If VIP customers are pleased the rewards will be greater, and you will move your club to five exotic locations in the Caribbean.
Play fifty different levels and watch Cathy's story unfold in the Adventure mode, while visiting exotic locations, such as a Luxury Cruise, a Tropical Beach or a Fancy Hotel. Keep customers happy and buy funny upgrades to aid you in your journey through the Caribbean.
Maybe you just want to try a race against time in Relax Mode, in which serving customers gives you more time to serve more customers. But beware: losing a customer will cost you a time penalty! How many customers can you serve before time runs out? And if you want something unexpected, try the Crazy Mode, which will give you a different Cathy's Caribbean Club experience every time you try it.
Awesome hand-drawn art and the most unbelievable characters will be your partners in this incredible journey in the Caribbean! Get your tickets and board the Cruise right now!
*Five different scenarios and five different dresses for Cathy to wear!
*Upgrade your Club! Trained parrots! Live music shows! More than twenty different upgrades are at your disposal!
*Thirty unique wacky customers such as a Clown, a Pirate and more!
*Hundreds of regular and VIP customers. The club will always have different people!
*An epic adventure spanning fifty different levels with comics telling Cathy's story.
*Three different game modes, ensuring weeks of fun for all kinds of players.

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